About Jonathan Farber

Smiling Dr. Jonathan Farber, phd

Healthy living is important for Jonathan Farber, Ph.D

Though Jonathan Farber, Ph.D., is a dedicated psychologist who travels between North Carolina and Washington D.C. for work, he also spends his time as an endurance sports coach for fitness and competition.  With his strong background in Psychology, Dr. Farber knows that living a healthy lifestyle helps manage emotions and improves concentration in just about anything.

Jonathan Farber, Ph.D believes motivation and resilience are the key elements to staying healthy.  When people are educated about their bodies and mental health, they can understand why their bodies and minds act in certain ways.  Eating the right foods and getting an adequate amount of exercise helps reduce the risk of various illnesses, especially stress, which is something Dr. Farber tells his clients on a regular basis.


At age 40 Jonathan Farber, Ph.D put his limits to the test and became a triathlete.  Since then, he has participated in multiple Jonathan Farber PhDtriathlons, including the Outer Banks Triathlon, the Half-Max Triathlon, and the Upper and White Lake Triathlons.  He trains extensively for these competitions year-round, and usually runs 30 miles, bikes 100 miles, and swims 6 miles each week.  But, balancing a heavy work schedule and working out does not come easy.  Dr. Farber has to wake up very early each morning to get his workouts in so he can stay on track with his healthy lifestyle.  The benefits of waking up early to workout is that people who exercise in the mornings are more consistent with their workouts; plus it helps to boost your metabolism and keep you energized throughout the day.

Healthy Living

Jonathan Farber PhDJonathan Farber, Ph.D., is highly educated when it comes to psychological health and the benefits of being active.  Throughout his academic career, he earned: a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Oberlin College, Honors in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts, a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Duke University, and a Ph.D. also from Duke University in Clinical Psychology.  His current position as the Director of Eastowne Therapy Center in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, includes psychotherapy for stress management, sports psychology, and patients with chronic medical conditions. He also had training in Hypnosis and Pain Management with Joseph Barber in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Through swimming, biking, and running every day, Jonathan Farber, Ph.D., keeps his body and mind healthy.  His rigorous professional and academic careers are the foundations for his success in knowledge of how the mind and body are related.  In addition, Dr. Farber is fully supportive of  an active lifestyle and has many athletic psychology patients that help him further his understanding of the multitude of exercise benefits. As an endurance sports coach, he goes above and beyond helping his client reach their fitness goals.

People visit Dr. Farber for many reasons, the main one being that he is able to help them create the lives they want to live.  Whether it’s for family or work problems, emotional or interpersonal patterns involving anxiety, anger, or intimacy, Jonathan Farber, Ph.D enjoys getting to know the people he works with and helping them lead a healthy lifestyle.