Beginner’s Running Tips

Jonathan Farber, PhDBecoming a runner is something you should look forward to as it hosts a multitude of health benefits and can be essentials towards living a healthy lifestyle. But, like all new challenges, becoming a runner takes commitment, determination, and, yes – starting is hard. That being said, it is possible, regardless of your current fitness level, to be able to run for 30 minutes without stopping in less than two months. Here are some running tips for how to get there:

First, you should be familiar with the walk-run method – and you’ve probably heard of this method if you’ve been researching how to become a runner. The walk-run method helps you build cardiovascular power without over training your muscles and is often utilized by people who are just starting to get in shape. The idea of this method is to interval walking and running for a certain amount of time during your workout. This way, you can run for as long as you want, and walk when you start getting tired. You should try to run for 3 minutes, then walk for 5, and repeat until you reach the 30-minute mark. Each day that you’re training (which should be around 3-4 times each week), try to increase the amount of time you run by 1 minute.

Next, make a running schedule similar to how you make a to-do list for work or for house chores, etc. This will help you plan out how many days per week you will (or are able to) run and will help you stick to your workouts. Another helpful tip would be to pick a certain time of day to run and commit to that time period. For example, if you know you have a full day of work from 9-5 and have to get home and take care of the kids, you may want to wake up an hour earlier and get your workout started in the morning. On the other hand, if you’re not a morning person and know that you have an hour or so in the afternoon or evening to workout, go for it. Just make sure you don’t work out too late or you’ll jeopardize your sleep.Jonathan Farber, PhD

Another great way to get into running is to find a partner that wants to do the same and is a similar fitness level to your own. Having somebody to run with will not only make you more apt to stick to a schedule, but you will be more motivated to do your best. A little competition is always healthy when it comes to working out – but be careful of pushing yourself too hard. You don’t want to exhaust your body or pull any muscles, because then you will have to wait a few weeks to run again.

In conclusion, running is a great sport and you should be excited to get started. You will notice an increase in your energy, a change in your physical appearance, and your overall healthy lifestyle will increase for the benefit of your well-being. Good luck!